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Map Draw Search & Nearby Places
Map Draw Search & Nearby Places
Pinpoint area by editing boundaries  or drawing your own directly on the map & get info about nearby places like Restaurants, Hospitals, Bus Stops etc. 
EMI Calculator
EMI Calculator
Most Loved Tool -Calculate your emi, Deep dive and scoop list of projects that best suits your need.
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Detail Project Comparison
Assess and compare projects and units on in-depth data and unbiased analysis
Explore City Micromarkets
Explore City Micromarkets
Get  property rates, rental yields, living conditions, connectivity, health care, traffic, crime and pollution stats of area.


Urban Gauge has the Best collection of High Yield properties for Investment in India.

₨ 6541000 Base Price

Purva The Waves, Hennur Road,Bangalore

  • India
₨ 7057000 Guide Price

GR Heights, J.P. Nagar, Bangalore

  • India
₨ 13600000 Guide Price

Coronation Square, J.P. Nagar, Bangalore

  • Bengaluru, India
₨ 4763890 Guide Price

Vaishnavi Oasis, J.P. Nagar, Bangalore

  • Bengaluru, India


These and Counting more at Urban Gauge


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Buying a flat is a difficult thing in Patna. Urban Gauge made it very easy for us to select and buy a flat as per our requirements. They assisted us very well, provided several options and allowed us to choose as per our need and time. We truly appreciate their effort in helping us throughout the process. Thank you Urban Gauge for the assistance you gave us in purchasing our dream home.

Urban Gauge helped me in shortlisting properties as per my location, size and budget requirements. Their representative was in constant touch with me, gave correct facts and figures, arranged prompt site visits for me and my family which helped me to ultimately finalize and select the best property from the available options. Thanks a lot Urban Gauge.

 I thank Urban Gauge for the services rendered to me during my property purchase. You have been very informative, gave a good listening ear to all my queries and most of all cleared all my fears and doubts on purchasing this property. I truly appreciate your efforts to help me to acquire this property. I hope you continue to give such an excellent service to all your clients. Keep it up.


I am thankful to Urban Gauge for their support and expertise in finding me an apartment in Noida. For a first time buyer, they not only helped find a right house, they also assisted me with all legal and commercial concerns.


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