10 Best Property Websites in India

best property websites

When it comes to buying property, there are numerous websites providing huge amount of details pertaining to areas, properties, prices and of course the best practices. Here in this era, the number of such websites has increased exponentially and sometimes, people are often left confused as to which website to trust and which not. The content which each website aims to provide is essentially the same and it’s just difference in some points that creates such confusion. However, it times of need, it becomes really handy to use a particular website that provides desired information easily and to make such searches easy for you, here is a list of  best property websites in India.

best properties website

  1. UrbanGauge: India’s most loved website, this is special for the most advanced property gauging tools it provides unlike other websites. The facility to explore micromarkets and calculate accurate EMIs is really convenient to use and gets all related work done at one single platform. With scores of satisfied customers, the website is growing in numbers and is flexible to suit as per your own needs.
  2. 99 Acres: Probably the one website to gain lost of audience with its creative advertisements, this website is no doubt, one of people’s favorite. With a really convenient app and pan India information, 99 Acres never fails to satisfy whosoever searches for anything and hence making it to one of the best property websites
  3. India Property: Ranked 306 by a website ranking agency, India Property is famous for its credit score calculation facility and knowledgeable blogs. An amazing and friendly user interface makes the searching fun and quality of information makes it worth knowing about.
  4. Makaan: Another famous website, Makaan is really known for its budget friendly searches and transparent list of deals closed by some of their sellers. This really establishes credibility.
  5. Commonfloor: With its genuine database and genuine pictures of all properties, the website has never failed to gain faith of audience. It provides really satisfactory result for people who wish to engage in real estate matters.
  6. MagicBricks: An amazing website with exclusive channel partners and user friendly interface, this website also has tie ups with banks that approve loans and make it easy purchase.
  7. 360Realtors: Main aim of this website is ti make deals simple and easy to execute keeping into consideration the safety of transactions. Along with normal buying/selling/renting services, this website also provides consultation services to its clients including loan and legal consultation.
  8. Housing: A really good website with a genuine database and established goodwill across the length and breadth of the country, this website allows customers to search on various aspects in a smooth manner. Verified dealers and genuine pictures are their USP.
  9. Grabhouse: If you look for PGs, this is just the page for you making it into the list of best property websites.
  10. Sulekha: Another perfect property search site, they have been major players to offer good services to its clients.

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