Best Places to Buy House in India in 2018

buy house in India

We understand how important decision it is to buy house in India, we understand how much it matters to you and how a great share of your wealth goes into this process along with efforts and anxiety that no one can possibly account for. With so much of legal complications and so many factors to keep in mind, it’s obvious that nobody want to have any single mistake incurred during the course of this process. Given the amount of risk inherent in it, it is more than just necessary to ensure that things go well as planned.

buy house in India

Before you can actually get ahead with all main documentations and stuff, the essence of all this process is to zero in on any property that you wish to buy for your house. This involves selection of a suitable location and this is the most important step because this sole decision can make or break your deal. However, it’s not as simple as it sounds. Choosing any location to buy house in India requires a detailed analysis of many factors in order to arrive at an impeccable solution. If you want to know what all places are good enough to be invested in, read the blog further to find list of cities where you can buy house in India.


  1. Hyderabad: If your budget range is 30-50 lakh and you want a value for money residential place, Hyderabad is the best option with well established residential colonies and provision of all necessities. As per a JLL report, “Hyderabad, with its buoyant and thriving economy and a dynamic workforce, is once again trending as a buyer’s market. The thriving IT/ITeS industry has given further impetus to the real estate consumer trend, which is evident from the growing demand for residential, commercial and retail spaces, ”.
  2. Jaipur: A peaceful place with growing industries, it is one of the most important destinations in North India. The prices increase around 12%-15% yearly which is pretty good for investment here, Jaipur offers a promising option to buy house in India.
  3. Nagpur: Keen on turning into the upcoming IT Hub, Nagpur is one of the fastest-growing cities in India. With this, this place is set to observe growing real estate industry and hence promises good returns.
  4. Ahmedabad: Rapid developments in this city along with huge inflow of capital in the form of FDI and an already well established textile industry along with scope of tourism, this place is evergreen in terms of investment for an house. Again for all those with budgets of 30-50 lakh, this is another best place to be considered.
  5. Kochi: Affordable housing is observed as the new trend here along with emergence of many new infrastructural projects. Demand for affordable housing is again high here.
  6. Pune: It is regarded as one of the best cities to live in with safe environment and proper availability of facilities. As a result, demand for 3-4 BHK flats is rising along with growth in demand for 1-2 BHK flats as well. If you wish to buy house in India, Pune is definitely a good option.

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