Entering the world of Real Estate can undoubtedly be full of confusions as it requires a lot of experiences as well as knowledge to get the best deal in this industry.

However, if you are looking for the best real estate companies in Bangalore, then is going to be a must-read article for you.

Listed below are the best Real Estate company in Bangalore which is quite preferable as well as trustworthy.


It can undoubtedly be stated that HM CONSTRUCTIONS might be considered as one of the largest real estate companies in Bangalore in the present scenario. It’s considered as one of the strongest platforms for real estate because of several factors including earnings revenue market capitalization as well as the developable area.

Established in the year 1991 as a private residence as well as commercial real estate developers in Bangalore this company successfully expanded its boundaries across Bangalore.

An absolute professionalism as well as an extremely strong emphasis, not just on better quality but also and on-time delivery schedules has made this company reach the Zenith of its Glory. In the present scenario hm is seen as the frontliners in the Bangalore building and real estate development along with its 57 projects which were developed in the past 23 years.

The most imperative factor that makes HM CONSTRUCTIONS not only trustworthy but also one of its kind is it’s focused commitment to producing affordable as well beautiful residences from Rs.50 lakhs to RS.15 crores.

The upcoming projects of this extraordinary company are as follows:-

  • HM Grandeur
  • HM Tropical Tree


  • Concord Tower


This is the company that showcases the philosophy of innovation as well as the excellence of the GODREJ Group to the real estate industry. The most imperative factor that makes this company quite trustworthy is its 119-year legacy of excellence as well as the experience it has had since very long. This company is currently developing not only commercial or residential but also township projects which cover approximately 11.89 million square meters in more than 12 cities.

Over the past 3 years, the extreme devotion, as well as the experience of this company, resulted in many good results. GODREJ  PROPERTIES has received over 150 awards as well as recognition till date.  Moreover, This company received the title of “REAL ESTATE COMPANY OF THE YEAR” at the Construction Week India Awards 2015 which makes it even more preferable as well as trustworthy.


Established in the year 1992 this company started it’s journey towards the real estate industry with one single vision of offering as well serving the home buyers with global-standard residential solutions. Completing it’s two decades of service in the real estate industry this company has now developed more than 6 million square feet of built area. Moreover because of its excellence as well as enormous experience in this field this company has got a lot of big clients such as Wipro, Sasken, Pantaloons as well as Toyota.

There is an enormous factor that has made Vaswani Groups, a company worth trusting. As far as Bangalore is concerned the whole city is full of landmarks created by this company. Moreover, this company was the first to introduce the concept of townhouses which are also known as “Row houses ” in Bangalore.


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