Guidelines to Keep in Mind while Buying Property Online

buy property online in 2018

2018 is yet another year with lost of technological advancements and new innovations. We’ve seen the progress of how in India, people have been trusting technology for all their little to big tasks. Buying property online is again one of them with people preferring to switch to websites to zero in on properties than to spend a day under sun, looking for dealers and prospective properties. The country has been a witness to increase in the number of websites being launched which list properties, dealers and provide a lot more additional advantages to maintain the competitive spree. There are websites providing 360 degree view of buildings under construction so potential buyers can make a decision for themselves after considering the actual situation. There are websites that provide the buyers with consultancy services or real time images, certified dealers and more stuff. Now, the little fact that people often forget is that these websites are just to make attempts to buy property online in 2018 more hassle free, however, the buyer, obviously has to exercise some care while buying properties and his vigilance cannot be replaced by the comfort offered by websites. With people attempting to buy property online in 2018, there are certain guidelines that everyone must follow.


Firstly, remember that sites are only to increase your level of comfort. Te buyer must be aware about all that’s involved in buying the properties online. The buyer must be aware about all documentation required. The buyer must verify if the dealer is certified and if the property listed has all necessary clearances like forest, fire, earthquake, flood, environment. The buyer must ensure that the property is being constructed timely in case of properties under construction. Make sure that you talk to previous clients to get a clue of the dealing offered by the particular website and whether or not the service was satisfactory. The potential buyers should also not leave every work on the website agents in the name of convenience but exercise close watch on every process that takes place. Along with all this care, the buyer must make sure that the property isn’t selected in a hurry but given proper time to be analyzed and then selected. Make a physical visit to the property before you actually click on the buy button. Look for the location, the environment, the people around and the provision of basic necessities.

buy property online in 2018

If you wish to buy property online in 2018, make sure you trust only reputed sites with certified dealers and a good team of people doing the valuations. Don’t fall a bait to the heavy discounts and attractive payment policies. There might be some hidden clauses attached to them which might prove to be a hole burner in your pockets. The website would never want to go into losses at the cost of profits of the buyers. Also, look out for brokerage fee if that is included as a part of the property price or is not included. Make decisions only after looking for all appropriate properties and considering all factors. Stay calm and wisely make choices because such decisions are irrevocable and if taken wrongly, might cause you losses for a lifetime.

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