Suppose you bought an Agricultural land but you want to make a residential property on it, or develop it into a commercial complex then it is very important to obtain a CLU or an approval as Agricultural land is only meant for agricultural purposes and you cannot develop it without taking Change of land use approvals.

Let’s first understand what is a non agricultural land ?

A non agricultural land is where there is no cultivation or it is barren land.

Change Of Land Use Approval :

So if you want to develop a piece of land you need to convert it into a non agricultural land. CLU can be of two types :

Suppose you are converting the land from agricultural to non agricultural.

Suppose you already have the approval of an industrial use on the land but you want to use it for residential purposes then you would be needing CLU.



Step 1:

Under this step you will need to submit the following documents :

  • Application to Competent Revenue Authority.
  • Certified Copy Of Land Records – you will need to submit the copy in the office of the tehsildar.
  • Certified copy of Land Map or bhunaksha from Tehsil or Taluk Office.
  • Certified Measurement Plan Of Land survey from District Inspector Of Land Records.
  • Copies of layout, site plan and building plan duly signed by an Architect.
  • Appointment letter of Architect and Registration Certificate Of Architect.
  • NOC from Authorities like Grampanchayat or Municipal Corporation, Highway Authority etc.
  • Certificate from Patwani or Talati that the land in question in not under Acquisition.


Step 2:

Due Diligence by Competent Authority :

  • Land information from Tehsil Office like ownership type, area, any encumbrances.
  • Site Visit by Circle Officer to check :
  • Disputes
  • Alignment of high tension wires
  • Vacant land
  • Verification from Land Acquisition Department.


Step 3:

Consultation with Planning and Development Authority :

  • Master Plan Zone if the development control regulations.
  • Building Bye Laws.
  • Forest Zone.
  • Any other Objections.


Step 4:

Grant of Approval :

  •  If the Competent Authority is satisfied then it will issue a CLU Approval subject to :
  • Payment of applicable CLU charges.
  • Applicant abides by all the rules and building bye laws.
  • Land should not be used for any other purpose.

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