How Big Is An Acre Of Land ?

If you would have ever thought about or have bought a big land parcel. Then you must have noticed that big land parcels are quoted in acres, even farms are quoted in acres. But do you really know how big is an acre and how to convert it into other measuring units ?

Let us help you in understanding Acre.

An acre is a commonly used unit of area to measure large tracts of land.

In earlier days an acre was defined as the piece of land ploughed by a man behind a pair of oxen in a day.

So typically :

1 acre = 1 furlong x 1 chain.

1 acre = 220 yard x 22 yard = 4840 sq yards.

1 acre = 660 ft x 66 ft = 43,560 soft.


  • Acres To Other Units


1 AC    = 43,560 sqft

= 4,840 sqyds

= 4046.856 sqmtrs

= 0.4046856 ha


1 Ha     = 2.47105 ac

1 Sqkm = 247.105 ac

1 SqMi  = 640 ac


A rectangle can be an acre, a square or a triangle can be an acre so the shape doesn’t matter.


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