How To Buy A Group Housing Society Flat ?

A Co operative Group housing society is basically a group of people interested to make a property and then go ahead to register that society. The main features if CGHS property are :


  • The group housing society elects office bearers like head and management of society.
  • The members of the society pool in the capital and then distribute share certificates among members.
  • The society applies for land to Development Authority like DDA in Delhi.
  • The development authority allows the land based on land availability and seniority of application.
  • After the land allotment the society appoints an Architect and contractor for construction.
  • The society after that applies for a completion and occupancy certificate.
  • After the necessary certificates are issued a lottery is taken out for distribution of flats.
  • Then the society gives allotment letters and possession letters to the members.
  • The society basically remains the main owner of the land but the flat ownership rights remain with the members and the rights are also transferable.



How To Buy A CGHS Flat and The Steps Involved :


Step 1 : Due Diligence And Document Check :


  • Check the exact Built Up Area Of The flat like Sale Deed, Property Tax Receipts etc.


  • The property should be clear title and free from encumbrances through registered sale deed, conveyance deed, share certificate, society agreement or possession/occupancy certificate.


  • Check the complete chain of documents.


  • Check for No dues and NOC from society which you need to collect from the owner.


  • No dues and list of documents from the Bank if the owner of the flat has taken a loan.


  • Always take the previous maintenance and property tax receipts.


Step 2 : Negotiation And Agreement For Sale


  • Negotiate with the owner the right price
  • You will need to pay an advance to the owner which is generally 10 percent of the agreed price.
  • Agreement For Sale will be made which will have the detailed terms, the agreed price, the agreed default penalties, payment schedule, etc.



Step 3 : Sale Deed Registration

After you complete the payment within 2-3 months you will need to Register the Sale Deed at the Sub Registrars Office after the payment of stamp duty and Registration charges.


Step 4 : Membership Transfer

This is an additional step in case of a CGHS flat where you will need to submit an application along with the Sale deed copy and the membership fees and get the share certificate in your name.


Step 5 : Name Change In Municipal Records

This is basically for the purpose of property tax that you need to get the flat on your name and is a simple process.

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