Mahabulekh Maharashtra !

If you are buying a land for agricultural purposes then it is important to know about the title and ownership of the land.

For this purpose you will need to see the land records of that area or State.

The land records in Maharashtra are known as SatbaraUtara.

To see the Land Records in Maharashtra online you will open the website Mahabulekh Maharashtra.

In the website you will enter the district eg. Pune, now you will take out the Satbara or land details, then you will select the taluka, village and then search through alphabetical search number or survey number then click ok.

After which you will get to see the proper Satbara. It helps you to check the area of the property, the current owner as well as the details of lease or sale.

After obtaining the land records or Satbara you need to remember :


  • The land records are for information purposes only and are not legal proofs or documents but if you want a legal copy then you will need to get it from the Revenue Department only.


  • You can check various property details through these land records and also avoid land frauds.


  • You get to know about the exact area of the land, the land is free from any encumbrances etc.

Always remember that when you buy a land/property you need to :

Get the sale deed done.

Get the mutation done.

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