Pros and Cons of Buying Property via Real Estate Websites

buying property via real estate websites

When it comes to buying property, being being ignorant is not the option. With it being a matter of large amount of money, nobody can actually ignore even the trivial of details involved. In today’s scenario, the need for property is ever increasing and to capture this increasing need comes the army of online websites that aim to cater to the needs of the buyers through unique and innovative ideas. However,this technological advancement also comes with some drawbacks that makes people anxious about whether to go with the conventional way of buying property via Real estate websites or trust the unconventional but convenient one.

Read further in the blog as we highlight both the pros and cons of buying property via Real Estate websites.

buying property via real estate websites

The emergence of websites has definitely made transactions easier for people. There were times when people had to go about in the sun, meeting dealers in tin shades with almost half of the visits going in vain. It is of course difficult for any individual to cover looking at all properties located at far away places in a short span of time. With the property listing websites, it has really become convenient for people to look out for hundreds of properties with their actual images and progress report only by sitting in their houses. Infact, this online listings also let buyers get an idea of prices offered by different dealers and in different area so they get a fair idea of the actual price prevailing and are not proven to be a prey to the abnormally high prices charged by the dealers on ground.

Often people complain of the websites not being genuine or accurate. However, this myth is overcome by various methods used by the websites to gain buyer trust. Since people complain of the sites under construction being exaggerated in terms of amount of work completed, many websites have launched the provision of 3D view into the under construction properties so that they buyers can consider the real time data and status of properties.

Many websites have a team of certified dealers who are remunerated separately so there isn’t any risk of the dealer getting involved into fraudulent activities. In fact, the dealings of all dealers are closely monitored and since the prices are already mentioned on the websites, there remains no risk of any fraud in buying property via Real estate websites.

Apart from dealers, there is also a team of people who valuate the properties, who evaluate whether the properties are registered under RERA.

The websites ensure that all listings are having all sorts of necessary clearances like earthquake, flood, fire and environmental clearance. This being something the people fail to check when they buy properties via normal brokers and end up not having property given to them on time due to legal disputes or any other issue.

Having said that, it’s true that nothing comes with its set of disadvantages. People need to use these online websites properly and be vigilant in their approach while buying property through real estate websites, the potential buyers can shortlist some properties and then have a physical visit to them to ensure authenticity. There are many websites that are actually a laid trap for buyers and they blackmail the potential buyers for money and lot more. However, vigilance is necessary everytime. The buyers should only use websites with certified dealers and with proper check mechanism in place. Avoid using websites those aren’t transparent as this may be a sign of fraudulent activity being pursued in name of buying property via Real estate websites.



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