One can’t deny the fact that for investors in India real estate investment in India has been no less that a gold mine since very long. Moreover the growth of cities across the countries have also contributed their part in enhancing the prices across the country. According to a recent survey which was conducted by ASSOCHAM , 65% of working individuals undoubtedly prefer real estate as the most preferable and trustworthy mode of long term investment. Not just this according to a survey last year ,it is found that the property prices in India have increased by 16.5% in India.

It’s quite obvious and all of us must have witnessed that the ongoing debate on real investment in India and on the fact weather it’s good or bad has been a matter of confusion since very long.

However a careful and wise observation into the matter will undoubtedly lead you to the fact that the future trends in Real Investment are something that still proves the importance of investing in real estate as well as why Real Estate investment might have a bright future in upcoming years.


  • One can barely deny the fact that when it comes investments, most of us feel a great inclination towards the one and only Stock Market. There is no denial in the fact either that stock market is now over levarged and has been used to it’s maximum advantage.

This fact might be seen as a strong indication that very soon in upcoming years the first money exiting the stock market will definitely be redirected towards Real Investment. This is what strongly symbolizes the bright future of the real estate investments in India in the future .

  • The second very imperative factor that ensures as well as makes real estate investment more preferable is Urbanization. It’s quite obvious that Urbanization is wild and that the present 31% urban population will soon be breached by no less than 12% . Moreover South India will be forefront in this.

This quite clearly indicates that demographically it’s quite right time to acquire real estate now.

  • Speaking of the truth, no one would deny the fact that the tempt in investors to invest in property will never fade in India. Moreover property prices in upscale Gurgaon and Navi Mumbai have appreciated sharply. Even cities like Chennai as well as Bangalore have also seen better return on property.
  • The reason why real estate might be seen as one of the most preferable mode of long term investment is because of the fact that along with major cities like Chandigarh, Ranchi , Guwahati , Bhubaneshwar ,Bhopal and Jammu etc many smaller ones like Kochi ,Vizag , Ludhiana, Nagpur are also showing an extraordinary growth in this sector and are catching up really fast.
  • The other factor that quite strongly states that this mode of investment is quite positive is because the fresh investment and specialization happening in formal real estate companies like recently JLI, property share show that this market has still got a lot of specialization that’s untapped.

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